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TVH launches mentor program

Monday, October 26, 2015

TVH is pleased to announce the launch their new Mentor program. The program was piloted in Olathe in February 2015. Nineteen mentors and nineteen mentees participated in the pilot. After a few enhancements to the program were implemented, the program rolled out in all of the Americas in September. Currently there are 62 participants in the program. The overall response from the participants is positive and the program is creating excitement.

The mentor program is a great opportunity for mentors to share knowledge and assist others in developing personal and professional skills. It is also beneficial for the mentee to develop those skills and learn more about the business and other departments. It is a great tool for career development and rewarding to both parties. Mentees select a mentor that best fits their objectives and goals.

The goal of mentoring is to provide a framework where relationships can be developed between experienced TVH employees and new or in place employees to enhance personal and professional development within the organization. The main objectives of the mentoring program are: skills enhancement, career development, leadership and management development, organizational development and culture change, and staff retention.

Participation in the Mentor program is expected to increase in 2016 as awareness and enthusiasm about the program increase.


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