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Trelleborg launches Pit Stop Line tires at ProMat 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Trelleborg Wheel Systems announced the US launch of its new Pit Stop Line Tires at ProMat 2015. The Pit Stop Line feature for tires is the latest innovation for the Materials Handling Industry; this revolutionary solution answers one of the industry’s most critical questions – how to know, with 100% certainty, when a forklift tire is worn out and needs replacing.

Ydo Doornbos, Managing Director Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas, Inc., commented: “We are very excited to introduce this innovation, which we believe delivers exceptional value to customers, at North America’s leading Materials Handling Show.

“Solid tires are often replaced with up to 25% of their tread remaining simply because people are unaware that tread depth has nothing to do with tire life. Not only does this misconception cause a great amount of wastage, but it also costs companies thousands of dollars every year through unnecessary tire replacement and machine downtime.

“Pit Stop Line Tires feature a highly visible orange line embedded into the tire. This indictor is designed to reveal itself across the surface of the tire when it reaches the point where it should be replaced, thereby ensuring that tires are never replaced either too early or too late. Replacing tires too early costs you money, replacing too late can have profound safety implications.”

This revolutionary innovation also helps improve machine uptime and service planning. With the Pit Stop Line appearing 100 hours or five to 15 working days before the tire needs replacing, operators are able to plan their tire changes in advance, avoiding unplanned downtime.

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