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Save money on freight and avoid damage

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Freight is one of the great uncertainties and wildcard variables when it comes to buying a pallet rack. Our customers are often unsure of how the product should ship, how much it will cost, and most importantly, what precautions can be taken to ensure it reaches its destination safely. Because our goal is to help you, we’re just as attentive to freight as you are — if not more so. If our shipping service was shoddy and unpredictable, we wouldn’t stay in business very long. However, there are still some things customers can do on their end to help shore up the process, save money on freight and avoid damage if they’re involved in the shipping.

In the outline below, we have some tips on packaging and stacking a pallet to keep in mind.

Tips for damage-free shipping and freight savings

  • • Know the dimensions of your shipment and cube out to max on the height of the trailer. Most carriers base your shipment on the first 12ft, maximize your shipment and keep it under and the savings will be great. Products with an extensive length may be subject to additional fees.
  • • If racking is not already banded, use steel banding to keep pallet rack and wire decks from being jostled around during transit. Carriers will be moving at speeds upwards of 60 MPH, and loose racking components will bump into each other and the inside of the trailer, often causing damage.
  • • Use high quality pallets. Pallet racking is heavy, and can crush poor quality pallets, as can the pressure of tightly-bound steel banding. Shipping on a flatbed? Get rid of the pallets altogether, as they can crush under tension from the straps when securing the load.
  • • Choose your carrier carefully. A given carrier may have the lowest rate but, when it comes time for the carrier to deliver they may not be able to find a truck. Be sure to choose a carrier with a proven track record that can reliably and safely deliver your product.

Need additional tips or have questions that still need to be answered?

As a pallet rack wholesaler, WPRP has experience moving all types of pallet rack. Our team is available to answer your questions on the best way to prepare a particular shipment for transit. Our pallet rack specialists are happy to help you through the quoting process.

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