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National Cart adds to portfolio

Thursday, March 31, 2016

National Cart, manufacturer of carts for retail, commercial and material handling applications, announced two major equipment acquisitions. NCC has recently invested in a tube laser to their portfolio of high-tech machinery. “The tube laser represents another step in our ongoing commitment to deliver quick high-quality and advanced capabilities to our customers,” said Tom Rattini, Vice President of Operations for National Cart.

Many manufacturers lack the capabilities that the tube laser offers. As a result, this requires sending complex parts to another facility, slowing production. The tube laser reduces hard tooling needs, speeds turnaround time, creates additional savings and expands design capability. Additionally, the new robot adds new capabilities and is the latest and greatest in aluminum robot technology. The robot has grown additional capacity and increased quality throughout the already expansive welding department.

“The tube laser takes precision to a new level,” Rattini shared. “A major challenge for any manufacturer is consistently producing parts, particularly complex assemblies that require precise fit and function.” The tube laser provides that consistency. Cutting precise miter joints, interlocking complicated assemblies using round and square tube in combination with sheet materials, are only a few of the laser’s capabilities.

Advance technologies associated with the tube laser helps take cost out of the manufacturing processes. Its software provides a direct link to the company’s 3D CAD design stations. This allows for maximum production run-time, reducing down-time and waste.

Value added capabilities reduce the need for secondary operations. “Since installing the tube laser, parts are weld-ready,” Rattini shared. “The need for drilling, punching, notching and deburring are eliminated.” Difficult materials including aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized are no problem for the tube laser. “The laser technology provides precise cutting on these traditionally difficult-to-cut metals.”

Companies wanting to explore new products and or process opportunities stand to benefit from these technologies. National Cart is already recognized as a leader in New Product Development. The addition of the tube laser expands its capabilities, allowing NCC to continue to lead in quick-turn, robust new product solutions.

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