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J.W. Speaker Corporation Announces Partnership with J.Fuehr GmbH

Monday, November 2, 2015

 J.W. Speaker Corporation (JWS) has announced a new business arrangement with J. Fuehr, GmbH to establish J. Fuehr as its distribution partner and order fulfillment center for products sold into the "industrial" aftermarket in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. This new arrangement complements the business J. Fuehr already enjoys in the material handling market, in which capacity the firm represents JWS with select original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well.

Established in 1972 and located in Hamburg, Germany, J. Fuehr is a leading distributor of high-quality material handling vehicle lighting, switches and accessories, providing value-added "systems" for OEMs and aftermarket customers. J. Fuehr serves as the market "expert" in providing applications-specific solutions for OEM customers, with the ability to specify customization required to solve problems. The firm has also recently expanded its capabilities and services to support other markets, such as construction and agriculture.

J. Fuehr will operate as an extension of JWS, designated as our distribution partner for products sold to certain OEMs and into the "industrial" aftermarket in the territories in scope. Additionally, J. Fuehr will serve as the order fulfillment center for JWS' N. American-based distributors who export industrial-related lighting products. To this end, J. Fuehr has invested in developing resources while maintaining an inventory and expertise to support existing customers and targets alike.

Tim Speaker, Co-President of J.W. Speaker Corporation, explains: "Our longstanding partnership with J. Fuehr. has been elevated, wherein our partner will take care of distributors, as well as small OEMs, in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. We're excited about the prospects of jointly growing our business with J. Fuehr, particularly in the industrial aftermarket, for which we've recently launched many innovative new products."

According to Alexander Fuehr, "J.W. Speaker is a very reliable partner with whom we have been able to realize many exciting projects with our customers. Their willingness to develop new, innovative products has helped us grow and differentiate ourselves from the competition. We are happy to further intensify this partnership and raise it to a new level. We're confident that J. Fuehr's extensive experience in the 'Industrial' market will enhance the success of this business arrangement between our two firms."

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