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Hyster receives Product of the Year Award for PSI Engines featuring Hyster® Variable Power Technology™

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hyster Company announces it has received a 2015 Product of the Year Award from Energy Manager Today in the materials handling category. The award was earned for the company’s PSI industrial lift truck engines featuring Hyster® Variable Power Technology™. Award recipients were determined based on an appointed panel of expert judges working in the energy management field who are dedicated to improving energy strategies across a wide range of industries.

“To be chosen for this award confirms that we are at the forefront of our industry in delivering highly adaptable solutions for our end-users,” said Joe Dennison, Product Manager for Hyster. “Enhancing fuel economy and efficiency, while increasing both performance and uptime is a high priority for our customers, and we are proud to deliver them with such a quality solution in our PSI engines.”

The PSI engines featuring Hyster Variable Power Technology, offer users more power combined with greater fuel efficiency. They are designed with adjustable performance modes that enable users to maximize productivity or fuel economy to fit specific application and energy needs, which allows the lift trucks to serve double-duty. The engines can be shifted from high-power mode, when moving heavier or more loads is integral to the success of the operation, to ECO-eLO mode for significantly lower fuel consumption, when there is less demanding work to be done. This flexible technology reduces the need for operations to purchase different pieces of equipment to perform different tasks.

The engines come standard with an advanced E-controls fuel system that helps improve fuel efficiency and emissions in LPG, CNG or dual fuel (LPG or gasoline) formats, enabling the engines to perform effectively across a wide range of industries and applications. Hyster® trucks powered by the PSI engines see increased maximum travel and hoist speeds, with or without a load, and up to 10 percent greater horsepower. In addition, the engines have endured 30,000 hours of testing in heavy duty cycles, have proven to extend service intervals and offer reduced periodic maintenance requirements.

In its inaugural year, the Energy Manager Today Product of the Year Award competition recognizes and honors the strides made in energy management across a spectrum of industries. The awards are designed to celebrate achievements that demonstrate innovation, efficiency, reliability and overall contribution to profitability in each field.

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