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How to quote a Pallet Rack pallet flow system

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Pallet Flow Pallet Rack System works on a FIFO (first in first out) inventory rotation with pallets placed on wheel tracks or rollers that are set on an inclined rack. A pallet is loaded onto the pallet rack from one end and moves at a controlled pace until it reaches the stops at the other end. When the front pallet is removed, the next pallet rolls forward.

A Pallet Flow Rack System is great for a high volume inventory turnover and for products with timely expiration dates. This system can be configured from two to twenty pallets deep and utilizes maximum warehouse floor space by storing the pallets back to back, minimizing the need for additional aisles. Another advantage of the Pallet Flow Rack System is that pallets can be removed from the front as others are being loaded from the back, making the inventory accessible at all times.

•What is the layout? How many pallets deep by how many pallets wide by how many pallet high?
•What is the minimum and maximum weight of the pallet? What is the size of the standard pallet: depth, width and height, and what is the size of the pallet with any overhanging product: depth, width and height? The pallet height should always include the load and the pallet.
•What type of pallets are the customer using and are they in good condition? There are many different pallet styles. The preferred pallet for a Pallet Flow Rack System is a standard 48” deep x 40” wide GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) pallet.
•What is the building clear height?
•What type of warehouse environment will this be used in? Freezer, cooler or ambient temperature? Will it be placed outdoors or in a wet area? This will tell us if we need to quote galvanized or standard painted pallet rack.

At WPRP Our Goal is to Help You, and that includes quoting engineered pallet rack systems. If you are interested in quoting a pallet rack system for your customers please contact us at 888-578-1579 and we will help you every step of the way.

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