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High performance NexSys® Battery by EnerSys® factory-installed in select Raymond lift trucks

Friday, July 17, 2015

EnerSys® has partnered with Raymond Corporation, a global provider of manual and electric lift trucks, to offer its premium NexSys® 12NXS137 Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) battery as a factory-installed option in the Raymond Model 102XM pallet truck and RAS 20/25 Stacker models.

"We are pleased to strengthen our long-term relationship with Raymond by offering its customers the convenience of our high performance NexSys TPPL batteries installed direct from the factory," said Chad Uplinger, general manager, Specialty Markets, EnerSys. "With up to three times the life of other conventional sealed batteries, our robust NexSys 12NXS137 TPPL battery is ideal for opportunity charging, easy to install and has the unique ability to stay charged while at the dealer’s location awaiting sale." NexSys batteries will remain charged for an extended period, eliminating normal battery maintenance charging while in the dealer’s inventory.

NexSys batteries provide a flexible, virtually maintenance-free energy solution for small traction, Class III pallet truck applications. The rugged construction of NexSys® batteries features Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) separators for extreme shock and vibration resistance, making them well suited for high-use applications, such as delivery trucks and retail stores. Classified as non-spillable electric storage batteries, NexSys batteries are constructed with 99 percent pure lead and provide unmatched performance across a wide range of temperatures, also making them ideal for cold storage applications.

The NexSys battery offers high-energy throughput up to three times the battery capacity per 24 hours. As such, the NexSys 12NXS137 fully recharges in just five hours and is designed for charging multiple times per day. The result is longer battery availability times by keeping the battery charged all day or full charging in less than half the usual time. Increased maintenance-free lifecycle of up to 1,200 cycles at 60 percent depth of discharge (DOD) means longer battery life than standard batteries, by up to three years.

Sue Rice, Raymond product manager, said, "We are glad to offer our customers the Raymond Model 102XM pallet truck and RAS 20/25 Stacker models — now powered with the added energy, reliability and longevity of the NexSys 12NXS137 battery. Operators and dealers alike will appreciate its energy-dense design, long shelf life and ease of installation."

NexSys batteries typically occupy up to 30 percent less space than the equivalent lead-calcium batteries due to the thin plate design’s high energy density properties and have a shelf life of up to two years at 77°F.

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