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Cargo Lift to lead uptake of Straightpoint Dynamometers in Mexico

Monday, October 5, 2015

Straightpoint Inc. general manager John Molidor has conducted load cell training at Mexico-based Cargo Lift, which distributes the manufacturer’s force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell equipment.

Cargo Lift is Straightpoint’s first partner in Central America and both parties are keen to lay foundations in a market poised for an uptick in demand for such tech-nologies.
Molidor presented training material and product literature in the Spanish language to 10 sales agents from Mexico City, two agents from Veracruz and two from Ciudad del Carmen, all markets that are relatively new to load cells and their capabilities. It was opportune to educate the Cargo Lift team and, in turn, a marketplace increas-ingly embracing Straightpoint’s range of solutions.

Ricardo Barroso, director at Cargo Lift, said: “It was a very important exercise be-cause our sales agents need not only a thorough understanding of the equipment but also the applications to which each model is suited and the specifications that can be applied to the end user markets we serve.”

Molidor also took the opportunity to tour Cargo Lift’s facility and meet with produc-tion staff at a company that offers an extensive range of below-the-hook equipment and rigging gear. As Barroso interprets from garnering intelligence from the sector, it is timely to introduce load cell technology to the Mexican market.

“We are marketing the product range to the construction, shipping, oil and gas, min-ing, transport and steel businesses,” he explained. “Over the past two years we have noted increased demand for force measurement technology and it made sense to reinforce our knowledge so it can be passed onto existing and prospective customers.”

Cargo Lift has recently taken delivery of a 5t Loadlink Plus tension load cell digital dynamometer; Straightpoint’s most popular product, the Radiolink Plus wireless load cell, in 5t capacity; a 6.5t wireless load shackle; a Handheld Plus digital dis-play; and a Mini Weigher Plus. In a recent, unrelated application, it supplied a 100t Radiolink Plus for a company in Ciudad del Carmen that conducts non-destructive testing of cranes with water bags.

Molidor said: “I am hugely excited about developing the relationship with Cargo Lift further, following the enjoyable and productive visit to their facility. The sales agents were engaged with the content I presented and inquisitive about ways our dyna-mometers and other force measurement equipment can improve safety and effi-ciency.”
Straightpoint director David Ayling added: “Growing requests for our product litera-ture in the Spanish language demonstrates sharpened awareness of our equip-ment in Hispanic regions across the world, particularly in Central and South Ameri-ca. I echo John’s sentiments about working with our local partner to raise our profile and explore the immense potential that is offered by the geography. Ricardo and his team have the full support of our sales and engineering teams as we explore this land of mutual opportunity together.”

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