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dale1982 posts on Mar 1, 2010

How to offload a forklift off a flatbed without a loading dock?

i have a dilemma i bought a 7000 pound forklift and i don't have a loading dock to unload it from. one idea is to have a tow truck back up to the tractor trailer and load it on from their then tie it down and lower the tow truck bed. it is not an off road forklift so it cant be tipped to far forward. i live in the middle of no where and do not know anyone with a dock nearby any ideas? p.s the forklift will not be shipped with any unloading devise


MatHand4 replies on Mar 5, 2010

[Re:] How to offload a forklift off a flatbed without a loading dock?

you can always back up to a hillside and use it like a loading dock. just make sure the forklift doesn't sink into the ground.

forkliftaccess001 replies on Jun 9, 2012

[Re:] How to offload a forklift off a flatbed without a loading dock?

 Safety is the key idea when unloading a forklift without a loading dock. By placing a steel ramp at the tailgate that is capable of supporting the ton or more weight of a standard lift, is the first concern. I can help you with all things about industrial.

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