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PTLKARL posts on Jan 6, 2010

MHSNJ January 2010 Program

Our next program will be at the Newark Refrigerated Warehouse in Newark, New Jersey on the 20th of January.


Newark Refrigerated Warehouse operates two public refrigerated warehouses one in the City of Newark and one in the Port. The facility handles largely imported and exported food products coming from or going to the Port. The largest commodity is juice concentrate.

The building is refrigerated by four engine driven compressors, two liquid Kathabar desiccant systems and traditional brine coils. The facility is comprised of 2 buildings, the older 1926 building, and a new building about five years old which has man up cranes. The new facility is about 75 feet high with about 65 feet of product and 9,200 pallets in a 25,000 square foot footprint. The facility also manufactures frozen dough bagels and is in the process of building a juice pumping facility to pump concentrate from drums and totes to tanker trucks.

Five aspects of the building are of interest:

  1. Engine driven compressors with heat recovery
  2. Liquid desiccant systems
  3. Bagel manufacturing
  4. Aisle mobile cranes
  5. Concentrate pumping (under construction)

Other features:

•4 Million Cubic Feet
•Crane Building – RF – 4 years old
•Conventional Building – RF
•16 rooms with Separate Temperature Controls
•Building is Being Partially Automated
•Fully Enclosed Dock
•Less Than 2 Miles from the Port
•Desiccant De-humidification and Air Filtering Including Microbe Reduction


Newark Refrigerated Warehouse focuses on handling imports and exports going through the Port of Newark / Elizabeth. The products are largely food stored in temperature controlled conditions, although some of the products are dry products handled for customers that want the care associated with temperature controlled conditions. Their customers are global so they have done everything possible to provide global access to all of the information about their inventory their customers need. All ordering activity, inventory records, etc. are available on the internet. EDI is available as are the more modern XML files. Most communications between their customers and the warehouse personnel now takes place largely on cell phones and through emails. When a problem occurs with an inbound load, the customer immediately receives an email containing pictures and a description of the problem. The actual warehouse receipt will be emailed to the customer within 24 hours so that each customer is completely informed about the status of their cargo no matter where that customer is. Customers should, and do, call and email individual management people directly. Their customers receive the best possible information as quickly as possible.

Although the Newark Refrigerated Warehouse handles many commodities, they specialize in:

1.Juice concentrates
3.Kosher products

The warehouse has developed special skills in handling these commodities. For instance, the warehouse can redissolve precipated sugars in white grape juice concentrate. The warehouse performs USDA meat inspections on all imported meat and, in fact, the Port Newark Refrigerated Warehouse accounts for about 80% of that business coming through Port Newark. They have excellent relationships with a number of kosher certifying agencies to make sure that the USDA meat inspection and other procedures interfere with Kashrut.

The warehouse provides all services an importer or exporter may need including drayage to and from the Port, handling, storage, cross-docking, rail connection, product sampling, inventories, etc. They also have other specialized services such as central customs container exam station (CES), USDA clean room, cold treatment capabilities and bulk pumping facilities.

Because ships arrive at any time, over which the warehouse has no control, the warehouse is accustomed to doing whatever is necessary to get the containers from the piers and put the product in the warehouse without regard to weekends, holidays or any other event. Many of their customers are local and pick up their own product. Therefore, appointments are not required although a 24 hour in advance appointment, however, is much appreciated.
Newark Refrigerated Warehouse has 16 temperature controlled rooms and, therefore, they can offer customers specific temperatures, 55°F for white grape, 28°F for fresh meats and so on. If a customer has any special needs, they probably can accommodate them.

The new building at Newark Refrigerated Warehouse has man-operated cranes, 65 feet tall and is a very efficient warehouse using RF. RF is also being installed on the older building in Newark. Port Newark Refrigerated Warehouse is building a new building which will have fully automated cranes 120 feet tall and will be able to provide better service more economically to their customers. The New Refrigerated Warehouse is focused on using the best available technology to serve their global customers.


Stefan Pryor
Deputy Mayor for Economic Development
City of Newark

Stefan Pryor is Deputy Mayor for Economic Development in the City of Newark. In that capacity, he oversees the City offices responsible for economic development, city planning, housing, and workforce development. Pryor also serves as Chairman of the Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC), which is Newark’s economic development organization and which Pryor helped found.

Before his appointment to these posts, Pryor served as President of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. In that capacity, he served as the agency’s chief executive. The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) was created in the aftermath of September 11th by the State and City of New York to plan and help coordinate the physical rebuilding and economic revitalization of Lower Manhattan. Pryor was the first employee of the LMDC, which was formed in November of 2001, and he served in a number of leadership capacities before serving as its President.

Pryor previously served as a Vice President at the Partnership for New York City (where he worked from 1998 to 2001). The Partnership is the NYC’s leading business organization. At the Partnership, Pryor spearheaded the organization’s public education efforts and served as Executive Director of its main school reform program. After September 11th, Pryor helped coordinate the Partnership’s efforts to get downtown businesses up and running again. Pryor helped found ReStart Central, which provided donated and discounted goods and services to 9/11-affected businesses.

From 1994 to 1997, Pryor served as Policy Advisor to the Mayor of New Haven, Connecticut. Pryor is a co-founder and was the first Board President of Amistad Academy, a highly acclaimed charter school in New Haven. Amistad is the flagship for the Achievement First network of charter schools. Pryor serves on the board of Achievement First, which has opened and now operates 15 academies and schools in Connecticut and in New York City. Pryor is a graduate of Yale College and Yale Law School.


3:30...................Registration at the Tour Site
4:00...................Tour Begins
5:30...................Reception at Restaurant
6:00...................Dinner Program Begins


67 Ferry Street,
Newark, New Jersey


104 AVE C, Newark, N.J. 07114
PH: 973-824-6694 973-824-6694

For more information or to register please go to


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